16 Dec 2018
21 Sep - 16 Nov 23:59
Deadline 08 Dec 23:59

UKBJJA International Open 2018

The United Kingdom Brazilian JiuJitsu Association proudly presents the first UKBJJA International Open which will take place on Sunday the 16th of December.

The event will take place at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell Scotland.

For UKBJJA members early entry price is £35 for adults and for juniors and juveniles it's £20. For non members early entry price is £50 for adults and for juniors and juveniles it's £35. This includes a £15 charge for UKBJJA membership. These prices run until 16th of November at midnight.

Existing UKBJJA members should register for the event at https://ukbjjainternationalopen.com/registration/

For UKBJJA members late entry price is £45 for adults and for juniors and juveniles it's £30 .Late entry price for non members is £60 for adults for juniors and juveniles it's £45.This includes a £15 charge for UKBJJA membership. These prices run until the close of entries at midnight on the 6th of December.

All age and weight categories as per IBJJF rules.

All divisions will be run on a single elimination basis. Competitors who medal in their weight division will be eligible to enter the openweight division for their belt level. For male competitors there will be two absolute divisions at each belt level  , under 76kg and over 76kg. For females this is under 64kg and over 64kg at each belt. We have a £20,000 prize fund on offer (cash prize dependant on a minimum of 4 eligible athletes in the division) which will be broken down as follows: - 

Black adult 


-76 1st £2000 2nd £500

+76 1st £2000 2nd £500


-64 1st £2000 2nd £500

+64 1st £2000 2nd £500

Black Master 


-76 1st £500 £200

+76 1st £500 £200


-64 1st £500 2nd £200

+64 1st £500 2nd £200

Brown Adult


-76 1st £500 2nd £200

+76 1st £500 2nd £200


-76 1st £500 2nd £200

+76 1st £500 2nd £200

Brown Master


-76 1st £200 2nd £100

+76 1st £200 2nd £100


-76 1st £200 2nd £100

+76 1st £200 2nd £100

In addition, a bounty system will be in play in all divisions from blue belt adult upwards. The winner of each division will take home £10 x the number of competitors in their division e.g. if blue belt middle had 20 entries the winner would take home a bounty of £200. 

For Juniors and White Belt competitors there are prizes on offer from our sponsors Tatami Fightwear https://www.tatamifightwear.com/

Closing date for all entries will be midnight on Thursday the 6th of December, no entries will be accepted after this point and initial brackets will be available by no later than Sunday December the 9th.

Competitors can use the Smoothcomp system to make a change in weight division up until midnight on Saturday the 8th of December, no changes in division will be considered after this date and any competitor who fails to make weight on the day will be disqualified without any possibility of refund. All payments must be made via Smoothcomp ahead of the event.

All competitors must make weight on our scales. There are no allowances given.

Please note, all entries are final and there will be no refunds in the event of cancellation by an athlete prior to the event or in the event of a no show on the day. 

Spectator tickets can also be purchased via Smoothcomp. All proceeds from spectator tickets will be donated to Cash 4 Kids Mission Christmas.


Ravenscraig is less than 30 minutes drive from Glasgow Airport and 40 minutes from Edinburgh. It can be easily reached by public transport via Motherwell train station which is on the main west coast rail line between Scotland and England as well as local services from Glasgow and Edinburgh via Glasgow Central Station and Edinburgh Waverly respectively.

By road, the centre is less than 2 miles from the main North/South artery that is the M74 and about 10 minutes from the M8. There is a substantial amount of free parking in the area.


There are a number of hotels in the vicinity of the venue for those travelling from further afield.

Ravens Cliff Lodge


Dalziel Park


Moorings Hotel


Holiday Inn Express Hamilton


Premier Inn Motherwell


The Avonbridge Hamilton


Alona Hotel Strathclyde Park


Holiday Inn Express Strathclyde Park



Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility »
1 O'Donnell Way, Wishaw, Motherwell ML1 2TZ
時區: Europe/London

參賽者 / 條目

  • Boys & Girls Gi 20 GBP
  • Boys Gi 20 GBP
  • Girls Gi 20 GBP
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 20 GBP
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 35 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 20 GBP
    16-17 years
  • Female Gi 35 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 0 GBP
  • Female Absolute Gi 0 GBP