The Ranking System 2018

The Ranking System 2018

Every individual member of the UKBJJA can achieve ranking points by competing in UKBJJA approved competitions. Ranked athletes will be eligible for sponsorship programmes run by the UKBJJA.

The winners of the adult rankings in 2018 will win a fully funded trip to the IBJJF European Championships in 2019.

Look out for other announcements and opportunities soon.

The competitions included in the UKBJJA rankings are listed below. Points are calculated based on standing in the event and the weighting of the competition.

To win ranking points:

Athletes must be UKBJJA members at the time of the competition

We can not back-date points to before an athlete joined the UKBJJA

If an athlete competes in two different age groups (e.g. adults and masters) over the course of the year, those results are counted separately – they don’t add together

Likewise, if an athlete competes at two different belts (e.g. because of promotion), those results are counted separately

All questions should be directed to [email protected]

To apply to have a competition included in the UKBJJA rankings please contact us here.